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Personal accounts are ideal for personal use, create you portfolio online and we will get the recruitment agents and job hunters to look for work for you. If this takes too much time then you will be able to brows jobs and contracts yourself

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Business accounts are ideal for recruitment agents or if you want to start your own business as a job hunter!

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Some compaies or SME's does not have high staff turn over and cant justify the expence of using recruitment agents. This is why we promote "job hunters" to help you find the staff and setup interviews for the position you want to advertise for. Advertising with jobs to me is totally free, but to make the job hunters work worth while, you will need to invest in a finders fee if the job was filled with the help of job hunters.

The bigger the finders fee, the quicker the job hunters will take on filling your position. In reallity the price can be anything, but to ensure all the job hunters are commisioned enough to cover the cost of calls, info management and taxes, we have a minimum finders fee that needs to be filled.

Minimum Finders fee is £30.00 and for this you will get a job hunter to search and match the best candidates for you to interview.

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